Just realised I really should be showing off the only project of any substance I’ve been involved with so far.


I worked on this over about 2 months, although almost half of it was written in the last week before the game came out. You should download and play the game if you haven’t done so, and if you HAVE done so then you should do it again, although you don’t need to download it again if you already have it, unless you’ve found some way to increase the value of your stocks by wasting bandwidth.

After years and yeeeeears of writing random music (there were a couple of silly little projects, but they hardly got off the ground) I finally landed this job after Arthur Lee, known as Mr Podunkian on the internet and in certain bars, posted on the Something Awful forums looking for a musician. I knew that my production, samples and, well, pretty much everything apart from pure composition skills were lacking, so I decided to wow him with the sheer volume of material I could produce over a short time, and that seemed to do the trick this is a massive run-on sentance.

I hope to do more game projects like this in the future, as when I’ve got a brief or outline of what someone is looking for, I can generally produce music very quickly as I get quite focused. So if you’ve got an indie game or a video that needs a soundtrack or you’d like someone to take an audio clip of your name and use it as the only instrument in a bizarre version of ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ then do drop me a line and I’ll have a go, completely free of charge. My aim is to steadily improve my abilities to produce music and hopefully get my name out there as someone that can make quality music very quickly.

I really did not intend to write so much. If you actually get around to reading this via some link or the world’s most ridiculously random Google search, then I’d appreciate any comments you have about my music. If you happen to know anybody doing any such projects that might require it and you feel a strange compulsion to do a good turn for absolutely no reward except a nice feeling in your chest like someone’s stapled a hot water bottle there, then pass on my info, there’s a good chap.