Welcome to the homepage of Gordon McNeil, musician and human.

Gordon McNeil is a soundtrack composer.

The internet press had these things to say about Gordon McNeil’s music:

The game also features a rather impressive soundtrack. The music is very fitting and atmospheric — rpgamer.com, http://www.rpgamer.com/games/other/xbox2/cthulhu/reviews/cthulhustrev1.html

some of the tracks I really fell in love with and the rest were still very good and complementing the atmosphere in a way you find in very few Indie games — indienerds.com, http://indienerds.com/wordpress/?p=1709

Cthulhu Saves the World is a wonderful RPG which offers a great and varied musical score — xboxindies.teamkobun.com, http://xboxindies.teamkobun.com/index.php/cthulhu-saves-the-world/