Time for a blog update, I guess.

Right, well on top of that guy using those tracks in their upcoming XBL indie game I’ve had a few people message me looking for music. This was fantastic news until I realised all the work I was gonna have to do.

I’m not sure how solid they are so don’t want to name any projects. I’d rather let the project developers do that so they can establish such things themselves/exert their considerable control/set up a three month hype train with staggered info releases.

Anyway, for one project I’m trying out Pxtone, and attempting to harness it long enough to allow me access to the retro-sounding melodies so many these days desperately crave. I made a test song that might end up in a game, who knows.

This is it in Pxtone’s native .pttune format.

Hopefully, more good news soon, but for now I’ve got to get my head down and work on these projects. So far, the release date for all of them is ‘March/April’, which in indie gaming means we might see them before 2011.

Edit: And here’s an MP3, of which I forgot:

DownloadAdventuring in Pxtone